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Hello, I'm Takunda Muzondo

Graphic Designer & Front End Developer.

I'm a self taught Graphic designer with over 3 years experience. I started learning the basics of design in highschool (2011) and from there on I have worked to improve my skills. 

Below are some of my recent designs!

Design timeline

How I got here...

August 2014

Good Care Preschool

August 2014, I started working at Good Care. I worked at the reception and designed a few flyers for them as well as a yearbook. During my time there, I started watching more YouTube tutorials on graphic design and website development.

March 2015

Rhodes University

In 2015 I went to Rhodes University to study politics and sociology. During my freetime there, I started working with the journalism students and doing some designs for them for extra cash.

May 2016 

Enactus & TK Designs

In 2016 I tried to get into design as much as I could. I was still designing in my free time and teaching myself more about design. I was also appointed the 2016 - 2017 Enactus Rhodes University Marketing Director as well as the Ubuntu Ride Marketing Director, all this because I could design some flyers. In the same year I also helped set up Blurtech where i was in charge of the design department. Towards the end of the year I tried to set up my portfolio online but I didn't know much about web development at the time. 

October 2016

Optic Ink

During my time at Enactus, I worked closely with Ndiphiwe Kwaweni who at the time was in charge of Enactus Rhodes University's public relations and he was teaching himself photography. We partnered up and set up Optic Ink, I did all the designs, he did the photography. This move forced me to leave Enactus and Blurtech, but I still continued working for Ubuntu Ride. Ndiphiwe left Optic Ink in April 2018 to focus on his studies.

January 2017 

First website

In January 2017 I developed my first website ( with the help of Selowa Webhosting and Youtube. After that I began exploring different web development tools while marketing Optic Ink. I was also asked to join Study 263 as the marketing director which I accepted. This move created more challenges as I had to help set up the company and market it within a month of its launch.

January 2018

The story continues

This year I have spent most of it improving my design skills through Youtube tutorials and various webminars. I have designed websites for various companies and 1 high profile figure in Zimbabwe. This year I also built my first E-Commerce website for a client and I'm looking into app development as well as improving my design skills.


Since I started design, most of my learning has been on the job. I started working with Corel draw in 2014 and I have explored other softwares since I started.


Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Muse

Corel Draw



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